Caught on Video: Before Public Denial, NHC School Officials Laid Plans for a Comprehensive CRT/Social Justice Strategy

by Aug 24, 2021Special Report

NHCS Officials Caught on Video

Through our research, discovered unnoticed records  (video and audio) with New Hanover School board members  bragging  — and giggling — about their plans to systematically rollout Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Social Justice (Black Liberation) policies across both the local school system and the greater New Hanover County region. These recordings were made months before NHCS Board Chair, Stefanie Adams, made a public announcement that NHCS does not teach or use classroom resources for CRT.

June 8, 2021:

“New Hanover County Schools follows the North Carolina state standard and is not teaching Critical Race Theory. There are no written or unwritten district approved curriculum or classroom resources used to support the implementation of Critical Race Theory in Social Study classes.”

— Stefanie Adams, Member and Chairwoman of the Board, New Hanover County Schools

She lied.

Contrary to Adams’ denial, large sums of taxpayer funds and resources are being allocated toward CRT training in and out of the classroom. This has been going on for years. As the following video shows, Adams is heavily involved with a CRT deployment strategy.


Unfamiliar with Critical Race Theory? This video is a quick overview.

(published by the Wall Street Journal)

The Damning Video

A Panel Discussion on Race

A publicly available, but overlooked, YouTube video shows New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) Deputy Superintendent, Dr. LaChawn Smith, Chairwoman Stefanie Adams and Vice Chairman Nelson Beaulieu, recounting NHCS’ plans to roll out CRT/Black Liberation Social Justice across the school system and the greater New Hanover community… at taxpayer expense. This Zoom meeting happened months prior to Chairwoman Adams denying that there was any instance of CRT in New Hanover County Schools.

This Zoom recording is an 10-minute uncut segment of a much lengthier discussion. We’ve added captions to put mentioned concepts and terms into context.

(click to watch video.)

Exposing Critical Race Theory for the Fraud That It Is

Why isn’t CRT Training Free?

Search Youtube, and you can learn how to repair a car, build a bike, make dog food from scratch, or design a website at no cost, for free. So, if systemic racism is the second Pandemic of our time, why isn’t the Social Justice solution laid out for free for everyone to consume? Churches present sermons on Youtube at no charge. Why aren’t social justice courses provided on streaming services for free?

Answer: There is no widespread problem of systemic racism in the United States — it does not exist — and CRT training is a fraud. People are making small fortunes selling this scam training to government and corporate entities.

Systemic Racism Does Not Exist in the U.S.

Here’s the evidence systemic racism doesn’t exist:

Barrack Obama, U.S. President
Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Thurgood Marshall , U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Don Thompson, McDonald’s CEO
Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Neurosurgeon
Robert L. Johnson, The RLJ Companies CEO
Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, Provost of Stanford University
Oprah Winfrey, TV producer, author, actress
Kenneth I. Chenault, American Express CEO
Tiger Woods, Professional Golfer
Chris Gardner, Stock Broker
Herman Cain, Godfather’s Pizza CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas Chairman
Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, 4-Star General

And many, many more…

Key Concepts of Critical Race Theory are Questionable

CRT promotes a whole new set of beliefs that are completely antithetical to widely accepted approaches for beneficial race relations. Much of CRT is simply discriminatory and racist, and illegal to put into practice.

The following are explanations of popular CRT concepts, with references. Many of these ideas were cited by the Deputy Superintendent LaChawn Smith and the two board members in the panel discussion video.

All Whites are Racist

Critical race theory proponents explicitly assert that “all white people are racist” and whites sustain systems of white supremacy and systemic racism. They also believe that whites, including small children, are unable to leave their state of being a racist.

“All white people are racist or complicit by virtue of benefiting from privileges that are not something they can voluntarily renounce.”

— Barbara Applebaum, Being White, Being Good.

“White identity is inherently racist; white people do not exist outside the system of white supremacy.”

— Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility.

“According to studies, babies at two to three years old, start internalizing racist ideas, start discerning and making decisions based on racist ideas … We’re allowing our society to raise them to be racist.”

— Ibram Kendi on KING5 News.

In the following video, Ibram Kendi describes how White babies are racists.

(click to watch video.)

Anti-Racism is Active Racial Discrimination

Critical race theorists believe that the state must actively discriminate against racial groups that are deemed “privileged,” meaning whites and sometimes Asians. Critical race theorists support policies such as racial quotas, race-based benefits, and race-based redistribution of wealth. They feel this is a preferred way to  dismantle Structural Racism, and call this process Anti-Racism.

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

Ibram Kendi, How to be an Antiracist.

“Formal equality overlooks structural disadvantage and requires mere nondiscrimination or ‘equal treatment’; by contrast, affirmative action calls for equalizing treatment by redistributing power and resources in order to rectify inequities and to achieve real equality.”

Cheryl Harris, “Whiteness as Property”.

Cheryl Harris’ quote directly from “Whiteness as Property.”

(Click image to enlarge)

Segregation version 2.0

During the panel discussion, Stefanie Adams states that educators of all colors need to have a safe space. What does that mean?  She could be referring to dividing classes up by skin color.  CRT proponents believe in promoting a new kind of segregation; it’s often referred to as “racial affinity groups” or “racial caucuses”. An Atlanta school was caught doing this exact thing.

“Multi-racial space often results in the people of color—who have been most harmed by structural racism—carrying an additional burden of educating others (at best) or being retraumatized through the reliving of painful experiences.”

— JustLead Washington, Caucuses as a Racial Justice Strategy.

“In a RAG [racial affinity group], white people can discover together their group identity. They can cultivate racial solidarity and compassion and support each other in sitting with the discomfort, confusion, and numbness that often accompany white racial awakening. They can also discern white privilege and its impact without the aid of or dependence on POC.”

— Ruth King, Transforming Racism From The Inside Out.

Collective Guilt

New Hanover County Schools Chairwoman Stefanie stated that all white educators have racist thoughts. This is Adams expressing her subjugation to CRT dogma. Critical race theory claims that individuals categorized as “White” are inherently responsible for injustice and oppression committed by white populations in the past. This concept is sometimes framed as “white guilt,” “white shame,” and “white complicity,” which are psychological manifestations of collective guilt.

“Many critical race theorists and social scientists alike hold that racism is pervasive, systemic, and deeply ingrained. If we take this perspective, then no white member of society seems quite so innocent.”

— Delgado & Stefanie, Critical Race Theory: An Introduction.

“All whites are racist … because we benefit from systemic white privilege. Generally whites think of racism as voluntary, intentional conduct done by horrible others. Whites spend a lot of time trying to convince ourselves and each other that we are not racist. A big step would be for whites to admit that we are racist and then to consider what to do about it.”

— Wildman and Davis, Readings for Diversity and Social Justice.

Deconstructing CRT’s “Word Salad”

Throughout the Zoom meeting, panel participants touched upon specific terms:  “Implicit Bias”, “Equitable”,  “Racial Inequities/Racial Equity”,  “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee”, “structural Racism”, “Institutional Racism”, “Anti-racist”, and “racial disparities”.  These are some of the most commonly used terms  from CRT nomenclature. They’re presented and defined in trainings and used  by academics to make themselves look smarter than they really are. Yes, all of these terms and associated definitions were fabricated for the sole purpose of promoting CRT ideology.

The following is a run-down on what these terms mean.

Implicit Bias/Implicit Racism

CRT teaches that White people are uncontrollably prejudice, bias and racist; these beliefs are innate — because of the color of their skin — and not learned through social influences. Implicit Association Tests (IAT) are regularly given to measure the bias levels of individuals. These tests have proven to be completely unreliable and unscientific.


Chronicle of Higher Education, Can We Really Measure Implicit Bias? Maybe Not, by Tom Bartlett, January 5, 2017.

Structural Racism/Systemic Racism/Institutional Racism

These terms are interchangeable. This is CRT followers’ belief that all institutions (education, government, military, police, banking, housing, medical care, etc.,…), public policies, and cultural representations are rooted in the perpetuation of “White Supremacy” and therefore should be  examined and dismantled. The 1619 Project, which is not historically supported, is an example of CRT that seeks to undermine the progress that America has made to fulfill its Founding ideals.

Read about CRT proponents describing Systemic Racism — in their own words.

Racial Inequities/Racial Equity

According to CRT, the U.S. is comprised of people who are either oppressors or oppressed. Proponents say that large gaps in educational, economic, and health-related outcomes are a result of Racial Inequities. They want to employ Racial Equity techniques to mitigate uneven outcomes of systemic racism . Simply, these activists want to achieve equal results across all races by reallocating resources from one group to another. This is a race-centric version of Marxism. Read in their own words about advancing racial equity

The Groundwater Approach Training

There are different types of CRT training. The Groundwater Approach is CRT training for educators, corporate executives, and social justice leaders.

The Metaphor for Systemic Racism

Groundwater Approach emphasizes Implicit bias, structural racism and racial inequities through a  “Groundwater Metaphor” to explain “Structural Racism”.  The metaphor is a story about dying fish in a lake. The storyteller (the CRT class instructor) asks questions that go along this line of logic,

“Why are some fish in the lake dead, belly up?”

“And, why are other fish in the lake thriving?”

“Should we treat the sick fish to make them better?”

“Or, is there a ‘systemic’ problem in the ecosystem? For example, the groundwater upstream may be contaminated .”

Through this story, CRT trainers create a false allegorical connection that the problems with failing African Americans (the sick fish) is that the socio-economic system (the groundwater) is contaminated and racist; more specifically, it is Structurally Racist.

(Click image to read document)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

Although each of these words have specific meanings to CRT activists (i.e., “Equity” means “equal outcome”), they are mostly used to reference the CRT ideology as a whole. This is often the case when CRT department, office, and position titles are labeled. For example, New Hanover County has a “Chief Diversity and Equity Officer” while nCino has a “Program Manager of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Community”. 

We’ve identified two offically sanctioned EDI groups in NHCS tasked to spread CRT/Social Justice ideology across the school district:

  • the NHCS Equity Workgroup; and,
  • the NHCS EDI Committee.


These two groups continue to be instrumental in artificially inflating student grades, re-writing the district’s policy handbook to be more inline with the Social Justice initiatives they set, executing CRT training for school administrators and teachers, and advocating children to reconsider their gender. We can say that the EDI Committee is neither Diverse nor Inclusive. Every person we’ve identified on this committee are vocal Far Left liberals and race-focused activists. There are zero conservatives, Republicans, or libertarians. This completely contradicts the spirit portrayed on the EDI Committee website.

NHCS Conducts Black Liberation Book Studies

NHCS Conducts Book Studies with teachers and educators that include these books. This book list and other CRT/BLM training courses are published on the NHCS website.

Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond

Despite the Best Intentions by Amanda Lewis & John Diamond

How to Be an Anti-Racist by Dr. Ibram X,. Kendi

White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

NHCS Contracts with Radical Organizations for CRT Training

Racial Equity Institute (REI) is the company contracted by NHCS for Groundwater training for principals, teachers, and other educators. As part of their training they recommend known CRT authors, including:

Andrew Hacker,  author of Two Nations:  Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal

Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic, Authors of Critical Race Theory: An Introduction

Peggy McIntosh,  author of  White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Noel Ignatiev, author of How the Irish Became White

They even promote the idea of race reparations for slavery in the U.S.

Racial Equity Institute Advocates for Reparations

Racial Equity Institute’s co-founder and managing director, Deena Hayes-Green, publicly espouses support for slave reparations in the U.S. in this podcast.

New Kind of Child Predator

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is merely another version of the bigoted and racist Black Liberation Ideology. It confuses Equal Rights with Marxist-Communist idealism. The demands of the current Social Justice movement isn’t much different from the ideology of the militant Black Panther Party — refer to the 1966 Black Panther Party Platform (p.15-16).  The only thing that’s changed from the 60’s is that the public relations is much more sophisticated. Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Anti-racism are nice sounding terms guised as state-sanctioned racism and race reeducation programs.

A Call for Terminations

NHCS’  Stefanie Adams , Nelson Beaulieu, and LaChawn Smith need to resign or be fired. They’ve laid out a sophisticated plan to indoctrinate our kids with the worst kind of poison, the one that conditions individuals to partake in a cult-like thought process. Under CRT dogma, criticizing, or even questioning, the Social Justice movement is considered “racist hate speech” that should be outlawed — in stark contrast to the spirit of the 1st Amendment. This movement is not about the advancement of equality, the celebration of diversity, or a conversation about race.  It is sick and perverted catechism. These people in authority who proselytize Black Liberation in schools are the new child predator.

Get the Word Out

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CRT is Black Liberation

It’s well-established that CRT/BLM education is influenced by 1960’s Black Liberation militants. For example, on page 15 of this historical PDF document is a list of beliefs that are quite comparable to those taught under the auspices of the current Social Justice movement.

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