NHCS’ Stefanie Adams: I have Racist Thoughts and People of Color Need their Own Safe Spaces

by | Jul 9, 2021 | People

Who is Stefanie Adams?

Stefanie Adams is the current Chair of the New Hanover County’s Board of Education. She has a very big influence on our children’s education. And over the last six months, she has claimed Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn’t in New Hanover County Schools. Now, Adams has been caught lying about this.

NHCS Board of Education Chair Stefanie Adams needs to step down or be removed from office immediately. Her racist beliefs do not represent our community.


Adams admits to Racist Thoughts and on–going CRT Training for NHCS Teachers

A YWCA-sponsored panel discussion on the topic of racism in New Hanover County was held on Zoom and published on YouTube August 11, 2020. Participants included NHCS Board of Education members Stephanie Adams (Chair) and Nelson Beaulieu; as well as Deputy Superintendent Dr. LaChawn Smith.

In the video below, Adams states:

  • That NHCS’ new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is part of the George Floyd-BLM movement.
  • NHCS teachers are receiving Critical Race Theory (CRT) training under the label of Implicit Bias Training, and other classes are planned.
  • Touches upon the idea that people of all colors need their own safe spaces. (Is she suggesting that NHCS segregate teachers’ lounges or bathrooms?)

NHCS Leadership is in Violation of the Law

Adams is just one of several educators pushing the roll-out of racist indoctrination across New Hanover County. Many of the  policymakers in NHCS are either complicit in or heavily involved in pushing racist policy. For example, early in this panel discussion Dr. LaShawn Smith stated NHCS will:

“…help fund diversity in the classroom.”

Smith is referring to NHCS’ website statement (2nd paragraph) that they plan to hire more people of color:

“NHCS has already begun to do a wide range of equity work, starting with upper-level administration. Emphasis is being put on recruiting, hiring, and retaining teachers of color. “

Employing or promoting anyone on the basis of their skin color or ethnicity is a clear violation of federal labor law.

Hiring based on skin color is already evidenced by NHCS’ appointment of BLM radical Deborah Dicks Maxwell to the Cape Fear Board of Trustees this week. Maxwell is the local NAACP chapter president.

Further, this NHCS webpage lists out all the ongoing CRT training over the last year.

The Panel Video Evidence

The damning YWCA panel video (below) starts playing at the point when the topic of George Floyd is mentioned. Adams brings up the promise of NHCS’ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and she describes the district roll out of Implicit Bias Training and that she and white educators have racist thoughts.

It’s our stance, as well as other groups Implicit Bias training is bogus and huge component of Critical Race Theory.

As quoted from Stefanie Adams in the video:

“As a white educator, I think it’s important that we need to not be afraid to have those difficult conversations. We have to understand we all have bias. We have to believe we have racist thoughts. And, we have to acknowledge that. And because you have a racist thought, doesn’t make you a bad person; but you need to acknowledge where it’s coming from, ask yourself why it’s coming from that, and we need to be able to have conversations with ourselves. And create a safe space for our educators of all colors in New Hanover County Schools to be able to have that conversation.”