Is New Hanover County’s School District Targeting Black Children with Racist Workshops?

by Nov 23, 2021Special Report

Is the New Hanover County School district conducting secret Far Left indoctrination workshops on our children?

Last week, it was discovered that members of the New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) Equity Committee have been grooming middle and high school students to be Far Left activists under the guise of “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” for a while, perhaps months. The organizing and training of students was revealed when a concerned group of parents and residents learned that Sophic Solutions (a CRT-driven consultant company) was conducting radical instruction — a mostly segregated “equity” workshop — for students at NHCS’ 13th Street location on Friday, November 18th.

When the parent group showed up Friday morning, they witnessed four to five buses dropping off students from various middle and high schools in the district. It is estimated that between 80 to 100 students attended this event. As details of the event developed over the weekend, it was learned that the workshop was undertaken in an obscure, semi-secretive fashion:

  • No event was scheduled for this time on the NHCS public calendar.
  • The Sophic Solutions contract, which expired this past August, was renewed for student-based “equity” programs without board knowledge or approval.
  • Only a select number of NHCS board members (those with Far Left leanings) were aware that this CRT-centric training was planned.

UPDATE: After news disseminated about parents being present at the November 19th Sophic Solutions student workshop, it’s been verified that top school district administrators have spread false rumors about a mob of parents harrassing and shouting at students as they disembarked from buses. The video above proves there were no crowds of people, and there was no shouting or harrassing of any sort. It’s unfathomable that district officials would deliberately spread false information. 

What happened at this Workshop?

Why were students there? What happened for five hours? While details are still developing, this is what’s being said:

  • Students were given camera-enabled laptops to record a video report on how their school is making improvements in the area of equity. Further details of these reports and who receives them are unknown at this time.
  • Students attending the “Equity” workshop were coerced to chant “Equity is Equality” at some point during the event.

As details develop, updates will be provided.


Concerns of Intensive CRT Training Targeted Towards Students

Is this government sanctioned political leadership training?

Based on information provided to us, various school administrators are identifying and grooming individual students with far left activism in student-involved groups going by the names of “Principal’s Advisory Council” and “School Equity Team.” However, there is a lack of information on the school district website as to how these groups are organized, structured, or that they even exist. However, a Charles P. Murray Middle School web page describes their Principal Advisory Council (led by Katherine Hill) as:

“This organization was originally called Student Government. It is a group of students who meet on a regular basis in order to meet the needs of the student body/school and help the community. This group provides feedback to our Principal, School Improvement Team, and the equity team on ways to improve our school.”

Segregated Instruction Designed and Intended for African American Students

Are Far Left activists in the NHCS district’s administration reinstating Jim Crow laws? In a county with only a 13% African American population, it was observed that as much as 80% of the students that arrived for this workshop were Black. Did organizers segregate this event based on students’ skin color? If so, this act of separating students based on their race should not be tolerated nor should anything of the sort be considered. This is concerning as there has not been so much as even a MODICUM of transparency as related. Why?

This needs to be investigated.