Critical Race Theory:

New Hanover County Schools is set to engrave hate and racism into our kids’ psyche.


EVENT ALERT: Join us Tuesday, June 8th, to stop CRT in New Hanover County schools.

New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) board of education is planning to integrate Critical Race Theory across all grades, subjects, and faculty training.

What is Critical Race Theory?

This not your parent’s idea of civil rights. Critical Race Theory (CRT) turns American civil rights on it’s head by redefining many basic terms, such as ‘racism’ and ‘equality’, and creating new concepts outside of the Martin Luther King tradition. As a matter of fact, apologists for CRT say Dr. King was wrong on how he described equal rights.

Critical Race Theory is a Neo-Marxist ideology and is rapidly becoming doctrine in publics schools — K-12, colleges, and universities — as well as corporate and government diversity training. This type of teaching is taught and discussed under the pretext of “equity”, “diversity”, and “Inclusion”.

Some of the frequently used terms directly associated with this movement include:

  • Woke/Wokeness/Whiteness/Blackness
  • Oppressor/Oppression/Oppressed
  • Systemic Racism/Equity/Diversity/Racial Inequality
  • Social Justice/Intersectionality/Color-blind Racism


What’s Happening with New Hanover County Schools?

Local parents have reported that certain aspects of CRT are already being taught in high schools — this has been going on for a few years.

This year, 2021, NHCS is formally taking CRT to the next level.

First, the NHCS Board of Education is doing a wholesale re-write of the district’s policy manual, making it compliant with CRT beliefs. Next, they’ve created two new never-held-before positions; a Director of Equity and Inclusion, and a Director of Curriculum.

As the school year winds down, local educators and teachers are being indoctrinated in practicing CRT in the classroom. According to the New Hanover County Schools’ website:

“NHCS has already begun to do a wide range of equity work, starting with upper-level administration. Emphasis is being put on recruiting, hiring, and retaining teachers of color. The district has employed the support of school personnel, businesses, and the community in order to use a more holistic approach. District-wide work is underway to help staff members through professional development consider the role that implicit bias plays in impacting learning. District and community leaders are looking at disparate impact and inequality in partnerships & training with others (i.e. Race Equity Institute, Partners in Equity, CREED Academy -Center for Racial Equity in Education). “

Straight to the Research

The Heritage Foundation has published a few reports on the dangers of this ideology. Feel free to download these free reports.

Parents, Help Us Stop this Nonsense

As concerned citizens, we are hearing about multiple instances of NHCS faculty bullying students based on their race, skin color, religion, and core beliefs. Is your child’s grades suffering because of this?

Ask your child some of the following questions:

  • Are they or classmates being singled out by teachers based on race, skin color, or core or religious beliefs?
  • Are teachers telling white students that they’re oppressors or racist?
  • Is your child being told that the White culture is racist or supremist?
  • Is your child taught that being silent on the topic of racial inequities is an act of racism?

Additionally, have you or your child been asked to fill out surveys inquirying about your family’s ethnicity, heritage, religion, gender(s), neighborhood, parent occupation, or other personal information?



What is CRT?

More about Critical Race Theory (CRT)

In April, Glenn Beck aired a well-researched presentation on the hazards and corrosive nature of CRT as it becomes standard instruction in our kids’ schools.  Of all videos on YouTube covering the topic of CRT, this investigative report is the most comprehensive.

This report is 48 minutes in length, which includes a couple of breaks for the program’s sponsors.

Glenn Beck’s Follow-up Radio Show

At the end of his presentation, Beck mentioned he’d continue discussing the topic of CRT the next day on his radio show. The following is the audio broadcast. It’s over 2 hours, uncut and contains commercials.


Undermines Christian Values

CRT Undermines Christian and Traditional Family Values

Critical Race Theory is intended to up-end American core beliefs. This includes the freedom to worship how you wish and the importance of having an active father in the family unit. 

In this video, Christian apologist and theoretical chemist Dr. Neil Shenvi joined Allie Beth Stuckey to break down the complexities of Critical Theory (the umbrella ideology of CRT) and the ways it’s destroying cultural dialogue and infecting the evangelical church.


Coming to NCH Schools

CRT is Already Here in New Hanover County Schools

In February of 2021, the North Carolina State Board of Education passed state-wide policy to roll out aspects of CRT across all of the state’s school districts.

Sloan Rachmuth, entreprenuer-turned-journalist and activist, breaks down the basics of Critical Race Theory and how North Carolina public schools are infusing CRT curriculums in grades K-12.

Air date: Feb 9, 2021. Length: 67 minutes.

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4:30pm, Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Board of Education event

New Hanover County Board of Education Rally

The New Hanover County Schools Board of Education will convene their monthly meeting this coming Tuesday. We’ve organized a large group of concerned parents and residents to greet the board members as they arrive and leave the meeting to make them fully aware that their push to adopt CRT is completely unacceptable.

Important information:

  • We’re all showing up early, at 4:30pm, and plan to stay until the meeting is over.
  • Bring plenty of water to drink — we expect warm temperatures.
  • Bring a folding chair or two to rest on; these meeting are lengthy.
  • Carpool if you can — parking will be at a premium.


Board of Education Center
1805 S. 13th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401



Get Involved! Contact Us

Get Activated! is a group of very concerned citizens and we can’t do this alone. For us to be successful, we have to work in concert as a community. 

Our plan to take back our schools includes:

  • Organizing to remove and replace New Hanover County Schools’ Board of Education members who support Critical Race Theory and other nonsense being implemented across the school system.

  • Dismiss all contractors and employees who are training our kids to be Marxists.

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